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Up Your Breakfast Game With This Instant Paneer Idli And Tomato Chutney Recipe – Unblendednews

Up Your Breakfast Game With This Instant Paneer Idli And Tomato Chutney Recipe



  • Paneer is a versatile ingredient
  • Paneer is known as cottage cheese in English
  • Paneer can be used to make soft idlis too

Can you imagine any big Indian spread without paneer? Neither can we!  Paneer or cottage cheese is such an indispensable part of our daily lives that many of us just have a block of it lying in our fridge for the times we start craving for something ‘fancy’. Paneer or cottage cheese is an incredible source of protein too, especially for people who do not eat meat. Protein is called the building block of life. It plays a crucial role in building muscles, aid muscle recovery and plays an instrumental role in keeping our skin and hair healthy. If you are trying to lose weight, eating protein rich foods become all the more important. Protein helps fill you up, further preventing you from nibbling into everything that comes your way. According to a study published in journal Nutrition and Metabolism, people on a calorie-restricted diet (the high-protein group) lost 53% more body fat than those who were not eating as much protein.

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Paneer’s versatility has inspired many chefs to come up with a range of paneer-based delicacies. From snacks to mains and desserts, you can include paneer just about anywhere and end up with a winner- just like this paneer idli. Yes, you heard us. Idii, the spongy, rice cake from South India can be made softer and creamier with the addition of paneer. Here is one recipe that will impress all paneer and idli lovers alike.


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Idli is a puffy rice cake

How To Make Paneer Idli | Paneer Idli Recipe: 

To make this paneer idli, you only need basic ingredients such as crumbled paneer, yogurt, rice, and urad dal. Blend them all together and allow them to ferment. Pour the batter on to a greased plate and steam. You can also add chopped vegetables to your idli and make it more wholesome and flavourful.

With this super simple recipe, you can make your breakfast so much healthier and flavourful. Unlike frying, steaming does not require copious amounts of oil, thus prevents calorie overload. Paneer idli can be paired with sambhar or chutney. We like to pair it with this spicy and lip-smacking South-Indian style tomato chutney- that again takes a few minutes to come together.

Here’s the recipe of paneer idli.

And here’s one for tomato chutney.



Tomato chutney is a popular South Indian accompaniment

Try these recipes at home and let us know how you liked them in the comments below.

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