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Weekend Binge Idea: Make Yummy Beetroot Halwa With Vanilla Ice Cream For Special Weekend Family Dessert

This beetroot halwa recipe is a must-try.


  • Looking for a special dessert recipe to make during the weekend?
  • This beetroot halwa with vanilla ice cream is a prefect choice.
  • Here’s an easy recipe to make it at home.

Weekends in quarantine call for special meals to get over ‘quarantine fatigue’. Most of us are still avoiding outside food, and some of us have even turned into a pro in kitchen. With winters reaching its peak, our palate is gradually steering towards all the sweet delights that this season has to offer. Of course, hot halwa is the first thing that our heart desires. Now, we must have already made this year’s debut of gajar ka halwa and filled up our appetite with it. This weekend, why not try something different, something unusual, and fancy?! 

Your search for a special weekend dessert ends here! We have a great recipe for you that can just not fail to impress you and your family. This is beetroot halwa served with cold vanilla ice cream. Even in winters, the combination of ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ works like magic. Think: gulab jamun with ice-cream, hot brownie with ice cream, or our very own desi jalebi with chilled rabri.

Bringing the same winsome formula to this recipe, beetroot halwa combined with vanilla ice-cream will please both kids and adults in equal measure. The hot red colour of beetroot (chakundar) is a sure-shot attraction. With Christmas just around the corner, presenting this red and white dessert for our Indian spread, makes even more sense. 

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Beetroot is a low-cal, low-fat food. 

Why Beetroot For Dessert? 

While any dessert, including this one, with high sugar content cannot be termed as ‘healthy’, beetroot does bring its own health-benefitting properties that cannot be ignored. On its own, beetroot is a low-fat and low-calorie food, and is packed with antioxidants and immunity-boosting properties. You may want to keep this in mind while making and serving this beetroot-based dessert to your family.

Beetroot Halwa With Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe:

This amazing dessert will take all of 45 minutes of your precious weekend time, and it will be all worth it.

Here’s the complete recipe of chakundar halwa with vanilla ice cream.


The halwa is made in ghee (clarified butter) and flavoured with cashews, mawa, cardamom powder, ittar (optional) and of course, sugar. If you want, you can replace refined sugar with healthier alternative like jaggery. 

Do try this hawla recipe one of these weekends (or weeknights, no restriction!) and let us know how you liked it.

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