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Weekend Special: Non-Veg Noodles You Won’t Mind Having On Repeat; 5 Recipes Inside – Unblendednews

Weekend Special: Non-Veg Noodles You Won’t Mind Having On Repeat; 5 Recipes Inside


The clock strikes 6 every evening, but on Fridays, it brings a sense of cheer along! While Friday is almost over, Saturday and Sunday are not behind! The weekend comes as a much-needed break for all of us. While the days will be spent relaxing, the evenings are for meeting with friends and family. Whether you have an action-packed line-up or are planning to laze around in your pyjamas, you need something to munch on that embodies the spirit of the weekend, while also being easy and quick to make! May we suggest noodles? From fiery Schezwan noodles to soothing thukpa soup, noodles are one of our favourite dishes. Add some chicken chunks or scrambled eggs to the noodle recipe and you instantly enhance it to a whole different level. Quick, filling and so delicious, non-veg noodles are just what you need this weekend! Here is a list of delicious non-veg noodles that you can make this weekend and probably every weekend to come!

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mee goreng noodles

Noodles are great for a weekend feast. 

5 Weekend Special Non-Veg Recipes:

1. Chicken Hakka Noodle: (Our Top Choice)

Chicken hakka noodles are loaded with veggies like onion, capsicum, carrots and more. The addition of chicken chunks in the recipe instantly makes it even more interesting. It is bound to satisfy all your weekend cravings, while being quick and easy too. Click here for the detailed recipe.

2. Egg Hakka Noodle:

Want to enjoy the flavours of hakka noodles but not in the mood of chicken? Worry not; enjoy a similar recipe with the goodness of eggs in it. Egg hakka noodles has a similar process of cooking, all you need to do is make some minor changes here and there and replace chicken with eggs. Click here for the recipe.

3. Chicken Chowmein:

The classic street-style chowmein that all of us have grown up eating, the recipe is much easier than you would imagine. Glossy noodles are tossed with shredded chicken and all the classic condiments like soya sauce, celery, vinegar and chilli sauce. Fry on full flame in a wok for the crispy texture that these noodles are known for. Click here for the recipe.

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stir fried chicken noodles

There are many varieties of non-veg noodles. 

4. Noodles With Mixed Meat:

A super delicious recipe that is chock-full with different kinds of meat, noodles with mixed meat is a recipe that is fit for parties or when you have friends coming over. The texture of different veggies and meat create a flavourful and interesting bite every single time. You may use chicken, ham and prawn as suggested in the recipe or switch it up with ingredients of your choice. Click here for the recipe.

5. Butter Chicken Noodles:

Bringing the creamy and fiery together, butter chicken noodles are definitely one of those weekend-worthy recipes that you should try at least once! If you are intrigued by the name, don’t be! The recipe is easier than making the actual butter chicken curry and will be ready within 30 minutes. Click here for the recipe.

There you go, 5 weekend-worthy non-veg noodle recipes that you should definitely try this weekend! Which one you are excited to try first? Let us know you favourites in the comments below.


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