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Winter Diet Tips: How To Make Kasuri Methi (Dried Fenugreek Leaves) At Home To Enjoy Year-Round – Unblendednews

Winter Diet Tips: How To Make Kasuri Methi (Dried Fenugreek Leaves) At Home To Enjoy Year-Round



  • Kasuri methi is extensively used in every Indian kitchen
  • A packet of kasuri methi is easily available in the market
  • You can also make these dried fenugreek leaves at home

Winter is here and it is time to enjoy the fresh fruits and vegetables to the fullest. From spinach to mustard greens, our vegetable baskets are overloaded with various seasonal produce. One such popular winter green is fenugreek leaves (or as we call it methi leaves). Known for its versatile usage in cooking, these leaves have a mild bitter in taste and a strong flavour that adds richness and texture to the dishes. The very thought of methi paratha, methi chicken, methi dal etc fills our heart with joy and makes us slurp!

Although methileaves are exclusive to the winters, you can enjoy them to the fullest year round. How, you ask? All you need to do is get some dried methi leaves and add to the dishes of your choice. Popularly known as kasuri methi, they are omnipresent in every spice rack across India.

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Health Benefits Of Kasuri Methi:

Alongside their versatility, both fresh and dried methi leaves are also credited for their multiple health benefits. They are dubbed to be a rich source of antioxidants, protein, iron, calcium etc and help promote digestion, bone health and overall health.


How To Make Kasuri Methi:

Kasuri methi is easily available at every grocery store around the year, but you can also make them at home, without any added colours, flavours or preservatives. Let’s take a look.

Step 1. Buy and clean a bunch of methi leaves. Sort the fresh leaves and throw away the rotten ones.

Step 2. Pat them (the fresh leaves) dry.

Step 3. Spread the leaves on a plate and let them sun-dry till the moisture is gone. You can also microwave the leaves for 3-4 minutes.

Step 4. Store in an airtight jar in a cool and dry place and use whenever you need them.


Here Are 5 Interesting Ways To Include Kasuri Methi To Your Diet:

1. Dal tadka:

Spruce up a bowl of dal by adding a tadka of ghee, kasuri methi, jeera, hing etc. You can also crush and add some kasuri methi at the end (instead of coriander leaves).

2. Methi chicken and Methi paneer:

A popular dish in the Indian cuisine, methi chicken spells indulgence. All you need to do is, add some dried fenugreek leaves to the gravy and make it yet more appetising in no time. And for the ones who avoid eating chicken, just replace it with some soft and juicy chunks of paneer.


3. Garnishing element:

If you like the strong flavour of kasuri methi, then add it to any dish you want. All you need to do is crush some leaves in between the palms and sprinkle on the dishes. You may also dry roast it for a smoky flavour.

4. Methi roti/paratha:

Methi paratha is one popular winter food that we all enjoy to the core. Now, you can relish methi roti, paratha or naan around the year by adding some kasuri methi to the dough while kneading.

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5. Methi-based savoury:

You can also prepare lip-smacking mathri and fritters with kasuri methi. Inclusion of kasuri methi adds a rich aroma to these savoury items.

Get some fresh methi leaves from the market and make your own kasuri methi, without much struggle!


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