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Woman Makes Strawberry Pasta, Matcha Pasta And More; Internet Calls It “Cursed Pasta” – Unblendednews

Woman Makes Strawberry Pasta, Matcha Pasta And More; Internet Calls It “Cursed Pasta”


When it comes to Italian food, without a doubt, we all love to devour a hearty bowl of pasta. We have many delights to try in the world of pasta dishes, where it is usually known for its herby, creamy and cheesy taste. But what if someone experimented with the usual flavours and turned your regular pasta into a more dessert-like taste? Sounds bizarre, right? Recently, an Instagram user named ‘safiyany’ did the same, and people were definitely not pleased with her new variations in pasta.

When the Instagram user ‘safiyany’ bought a custom making pasta machine, where you can add whatever liquid to make custom pasta, the woman surely tried new and unheard flavours that have left people in splits. In the caption of her post, she wrote, “my sincerest apologies to pasta lovers.”

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Posting a video on her Instagram reels, the woman first added strawberry milk to make strawberry shortcake pasta, then she tried matcha pasta, and lastly, she made a root beer pasta. After making the dough for each flavour, the woman boiled these pastas and finished them with toppings.

She added strawberry syrup, cream, and strawberries for the strawberry pasta and said that it tastes like a waffle. For the matcha pasta, she added cream, matcha milk and said that it tastes like a boba drink. And lastly, for the root beer pasta, the woman said, “that’s a revelation.” Take a look:

Ever since the video was posted on her Instagram reels, it has garnered more up to 1.6 million views with more than two lakh likes on the video. Many people have commented on the video as well.

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One of the users commented, “Bestie I hate to say this but if you ever invite me over for dinner I’m going to have to respectfully decline because you terrify me.” Another user commented, “I’m praying for Italians who have to witness this.” While many people also called it the “cursed pasta”, there were some who also want to try these flavours and wrote, “This is honestly revolutionary and I need it in my life.”

Well, would you try these pasta recipes? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!


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