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World Soil Day 2020: What We Can Do To Stop Soil Pollution – Unblendednews

World Soil Day 2020: What We Can Do To Stop Soil Pollution


World Soil Day 2020: What We Can Do To Stop Soil Pollution

2020 World Soil Day: Know what we can do every day to stop soil pollution

World Soil Day 2020: Soil is home to more than one-fourth of the Earth’s biodiversity. World Soil Day on December 5 is one of the key dates on the UN calendar when outreach activities globally try to bring governments, businesses, non-profit groups, scientists and the people on the same page to understand the causes of soil erosion, soil pollution and how we can encourage soil conservation at the local level. ‘Keep soil alive, Protect soil biodiversity’ is the theme for World Soil Day 2020. It is important for people to understand that our food security depends on healthy soil.

World Soil Day 2020 will be different from other years as most interactions and discussions will be online due to the pandemic situation.

Controlling soil pollution is critical as micro soil organisms working continuously for preserving our ecosystem perish and bad soil management affects life below the ground.   


World Soil Day 2020: Know why we must care about soil

  • Soil is a living resource and home to more than 25% the planet’s plant life
  • 95% of our food comes from the soil
  • Quality and quantity of fruits, vegetables and food grains depend on the health of the soil 
  • Soil organisms are constantly at work to sustain life on Earth
  • Soil helps fight climate change and global warming

World Soil Day: What we must do to stop soil pollution 

  • Avoid single-use plastic
  • Choose eco-friendly, gardening, cleaning and personal care products
  • Dispose of hazardous waste like batteries responsibly
  • Compost your food waste
  • Adopt a plant-based diet
  • Let’s be the solution to stop soil pollution

(Source: UN Biodiversity)


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