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Bajra Raab Recipe: This Winter Drink Is Excellent For Immunity, Diabetes And Breastfeeding Mothers

Bajra is also known as pearl millet


  • Bajra is a common millet used in variety of Indian preparations
  • Bajra is a storehouse of antioxidants, vitamins and fibres
  • Bajra can also aid weight loss

Millets are India’s treasure and there are no two ways about it. We may be one of the largest wheat and rice producing countries, but we sure know how to get the best out of our millets too. Ragi, bajra, jowar are an intrinsic part of our daily diet in some way or the other. We prize our ragi cookies and cannot stop gushing over the goodness of bajra roti. But there’s so much more that you can do with these millets. Bajra Raab is a traditional winter drink that is made with bajra, ginger, gur and ghee. This incredibly easy recipe is said to be very beneficial for immunity since it is enriched with a range of antioxidants. The superfoods used in the drink are known to ward off risk of microbial infections and soothe cold, cough and flu. Since bajra or pearl millet is replete with fibres, it makes for an excellent beverage for diabetics, who should always stay hydrated while monitoring their carbohydrate intake.

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It is also said to provide energy to breastfeeding mothers. In this recipe video by popular food vlogger Manjula Jain, you can learn how to make this delicious drink at home. Warm and comforting, it is just the ideal recipe for cold winter days. You can find the full recipe on YouTube Channel Manjula’s Kitchen. Try it at home and let us know how you like the fortifying drink.


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Watch the recipe video of bajra raab:

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