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High-Protein Diet: This Dry Matar Mushroom Recipe Is The Perfect Winter Protein Fix

High-Protein Diet: Dry matar mushroom is a unique recipe you have to try.


  • Peas and mushrooms are both a great source of protein
  • This dry Matar Mushroom recipe is a must try
  • Load up on proteins in winter with this healthy recipe

Winter season comes with a host of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables which are loaded with immunity and good nutrition. But with the harsh cold weather comes laziness and lethargy. People unknowingly pile up the calories due to lack of movement in the chilly temperatures. Thus, it is of the utmost importance to keep a check on weight and diet in the winter season. This dry Matar Mushroom recipe is the ideal way to load up on protein in winters and thus work towards weight loss journey.

Not many are aware that both peas (Matar) and mushrooms are great sources of protein in the winter season. As per the USDA, they both contain a total of 10 grams of protein per a single cup serving. Further, according to the book, ‘Healing Foods’ by DK Publishing House, green peas’ “fibrous content makes it useful for maintaining a healthy digestive tract.” Matar is a part of the Indian diet in a number of different dishes, right from Paneer Matar to Methi Malai Matar. But this unique dry Matar Mushroom recipe is one which is truly a class apart in terms of both taste and health.

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High-Protein Diet: Peas are a great source of protein in winters. 


How To Make Dry Matar Mushroom At Home | Dry Matar Mushroom Recipe

Start by heating up cumin, ginger and asafoetida in a pan. Saute till they start to sputter, and then add yogurt and stir vigorously. Continue adding more yogurt till the oil starts to separate. Now mix in the spices and peas along with mushrooms. Mix and let it cook till the peas start to soften. Serve hot and fresh!

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of dry matar Mushroom.

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