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Street Food Of India: How To Make Delicious Aloo Shakarkandhi Ki Chaat (Video Inside) – Unblendednews

Street Food Of India: How To Make Delicious Aloo Shakarkandhi Ki Chaat (Video Inside)


Street Food Of India: How To Make Delicious <i>Aloo Shakarkandhi Ki Chaat</i> (Video Inside)

Street Food of India: This recipe is a must-try in winter season!


  • Street food across India varies according to different seasons
  • Aloo Shakarkandhi ki Chaat is a yummy street-style treat
  • Here’s the full recipe video for the Chaat

Street food is varied and diverse across the country. No two cities in India will have the exact same street food, as there are regional differences in the styles of cooking. The culinary repertoire of India has such a wide range that the street food changes with the seasons too. Just when winters arrive, we see roadside stalls popping up selling a variety of hot, tangy chaats. Aloo Shakarkandhi ki Chaat is also one such delicious street food item which is a winter favourite street-style recipe.

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Shakarkandhi (or Sweet Potato) is a tuber which is available during the winter season. There’s no denying that seasonal vegetables are enriched with vital nutrients which are a must-consume during the time they arrive in the markets. Sweet potato is known to have a high fibre content as well as an abundance of Vitamin A. Many studies suggest that the tuber is also recommended for a diabetes-friendly diet. The humble Shakrakandhi thus finds its way into a wide range of Indian recipes. One of the most popular recipes is Aloo Shakarkandhi Ki Chaat. This wonderful chaat recipe is a unique winter treat which will tantalise your tastebuds with every single bite.


How To Make Aloo Shakarkandhi Ki Chaat | Aloo Shakarkandhi Ki Chaat Recipe Video

The recipe involves the basic process in most chaats. First, green chutney is prepared with ingredients such as mint leaves, coriander, green chillies and lemon juice. Then aloo and Shakarkandhi is coated with a spicy batter and deep-fried to become golden-brown and crisp. After this, the final chaat is prepared with a sumptuous mix of spices, onions and tomato ketchup.


Try this wonderful Aloo Shakarkandhi Chaat recipe for a burst of flavours which will leave you wanting more. We promise you’ll be making it again very soon!

Watch The Full Recipe Video Of Aloo Shakarkandhi Ki Chaat Here:

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