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Viral Now: Covid Patient Loses Taste, Eats Raw Onion And Garlic On Video To Prove It – Unblendednews

Viral Now: Covid Patient Loses Taste, Eats Raw Onion And Garlic On Video To Prove It


Viral Video of a man eating raw onion and garlic after testing Covid-positive.


  • A man from New Jersey tested positive for Covid-19
  • His primary symptom was the loss of taste and smell
  • He shared a video trying out pungent foods but being unaffected by them

Coronavirus pandemic has infected more than 55 million people globally, causing the death of 1.3 million of those. While the more common symptoms of the disease are dry cough and high fever, there have been more discoveries about it in the recent past. Covid-19 positivity may be associated with a loss of taste or smell in patients, which is said to be a less common symptom as per scientists at the WHO. A 30-year-old resident of New Jersey, Russell Donnelly, tested positive for Coronavirus and the loss of sense and taste was his primary symptom. He made a video of himself eating all kinds of pungent and sour foods to prove this. Take a look:

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The video was shared multiple times on various social media platforms wherein it went viral. It has garnered 17 million views and counting till date. Russell Donnelly was the creator of the video, and he himself featured in it. According to reports, he had complained of a loss of taste or smell to his friends but they didn’t believe him and asked him to eat some pungent foods. “Everyone keeps telling me to try to eat some nasty stuff. But I don’t have any nasty stuff at my house so I figured I would just eat some stuff that would be strong or pungent,” he explains in the video.



After this, Donnelly tries multiple pungent foods ranging from mustard sauce to cloves of garlic. He made a potent mix of balsamic and apple cider vinegar too but even that did not work up his taste buds. He even munches into a whole raw onion as well as a whole lemon, but his expression refuses to flinch the slightest on trying these strong-tasting foods. He concluded the video by eating a spoonful of garlic paste and saying, “This is a crazy virus.”

What did you think of the viral video by Russell Donnelly? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Meanwhile, stay safe and stay indoors, wear a mask if you venture out. Keep washing your hands regularly and practice social distancing.

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